Our Story

     My sister would tell you, from a very early age (about 5 years old) every time an upbeat song came on the radio, I would dance and have a good time.

     My mother, years before her passing said; you will do something with music. At the time I could not conceive of a .com radio station but my mom knew my love of music and its ability to transform your mood.

     When I was young I DJ'd and played guitar and the bass in bands. When my life turned around in 1998 it became Christian and encouraging. I even played in a worship band.

     God gave me a gift at an early age-to hear anad recognize great and interesting music.

     For many years I would give away Christian Pop CD's to my irrigation customers, friends and family. As you can see, now it is becoming my life's work.

      I hope that you stay tuned as we grow. This is truly something we are passionate about.